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The latest version of Answer comes with new tweaks, improvements and optimization. Take a closer look at how you can manage questions efficiently.

What’s New

Pin an important or frequently asked question for your Q&A platform, so that it always stay on the top of your community. Pin a Question in Answer

Unlist a question to make it invisible for temporary modification, or further review. Admin can list question again in Admin>Contents>Questions. Unlist a Question

Pin and Unlist help to tailor a knowledge-based community of your own, while maintain and organize the knowledge system can be easy.

Bug Fixes & Optimization

We’ve also made some tweaks to fix the display issues of tags, comments form, and stubborn deleted questions. We’ve also removed context ambiguity with optimized translation.

We strongly recommend you to build and manage a Q&A platform Answer v1.0.9. You are always welcome to contribute your ideas (feature requests, or hunt a but) in So what will you pin first?