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Whether you’re a user of Answer, curious about the stories behind Answer, or simply an open-source lover, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we'll share more stories behind Answer: how we started it, the tech stack we picked, and the next step on our roadmap. Find out more about Answer, and have a deeper understanding of Answer, our motivation, and the people behind it.

What is Answer

Answer is a Q&A software which allows users to ask and answer questions about a particular topic or subject. It’s open-source, and everyone can access it freely. You can use it to build a platform in the form of Q&A. No matter a knowledge base, product forum, a support, Answer got it covered. Platforms built with Answer

Why Answer?

Recently, we noticed that B2B enterprises have been looking for solutions to build their own Q&A community or a corporate community. A dedicated section or subsection obviously cannot meet their needs because they request to customize content, have control over their data, rather than just “being a guest” in a public community.

That’s the moment we decided to build Answer — to help individuals, teams, and company at different scales to run their Q&A platform easily while have full control over their data.

Why Answer is Open-source?

We’ve been longing to share our research and experience over the years in Q&A communities. The best way is to create an open-source project that is accessible to everyone. We have also made Answer website and plugins open-source on GitHub.

What is Answer built with?

Answer is mainly built Golang, and React.js.

What license is the code under?

Apache-2.0 license.
It’s a highly flexible, business-friendly, community-supportive, and easy-to-manage license.

What’s the browser requirements?

You can always run Answer on the latest and stable release of the browsers. These are the minimum browser requirements.

  • Microsoft Edge: Version 100 and later.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 100 and later.
  • Google Chrome: Version 90 and later.
  • Apple Safari: Version 15 and later.

Can I browse Answer on mobile devices?

Sure ;)
You can browse Answer in Safari, or Chrome on your mobile devices.

What’s the Difference between Wiki and Answer?

FormatQuestion and answer. Focus on problem-solving, and mutual assistance.Document. Emphasize content enhancement. Suitable for writing long articles.
ManagementBased on tags. Categorize and search information quickly.Based on structure. Coherent and organized knowledge system.
GovernanceReputation system and mutual trust.Individuals and editors.

Who build Answer?

We are a small and agile team, working closely with each other in different cities. As a part of the open-source community, we have also received love and help from contributors around the world. Answer Footer with Gratitude to Contributors

Can I use Answer?

Why not? With a simple and intuitive design, you can build a knowledge base, game forum, or support center with Answer smoothly. Answer 1.1.0 also supports plugins so that you can enhance Answer’s performance in the way you want. Plugin

How do I Get Answer?

Oh, it’s easy. Everything you need is here, and just follow the guide.