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At Answer, we are longing to give back to the community. The essence of Answer is open source, and everyone can access it since the first day we launched Answer on GitHub. This October marks Answer’s first anniversary, and there’s no way better than celebrating with open-source enthusiasts.

October also marks the 10th anniversary of Hacktoberfest, an annual month-long event that encourages open-source software contributions. Founded in 2014, Hacktoberfest encourages participants to make contributions and support open-source projects they love on GitHub. These contributions include coding, low code, and non-code contributions, encouraging more individuals to collaborate and be a part of the open-source community.


We are so glad that to participate in our first Hacktoberfest as a partner of ILLA Cloud, and here’s everything you need to know to be a part of our event.

Hacktoberfest Kickoff Streaming ILLA with Answer and More

Answer will make an entrance in Hacktoberfest kickoff event hosted by ILLA. There will be a gift giveaway for every viewer during streaming. We will introduce Answer, how you can contribute to Answer, and present the swags.

Answer and ILLA Cloud

Contribute and Earn Digital Swag with Pride

Celebrate Answer’s first birthday with contributions, the more the better, no matter, it’s a bug report, typo fixing, a new plugin, etc. There are 3 ways you can contribute to Answer, and how you can win exclusive swags for Hacktoberfest 2023.

Hunt a Bug/Enhancement

  • Build a Q&A community with Answer here.
  • Report a bug or bring up a feature request in issues. Issues
  • Add Hacktoberfest in the title so that we can identify it quickly. Add Hacktoberfest in the Title
  • Follow the template and submit it. Template


  • Build a plugin and merge PR here.
  • Find a bug in current plugins and report it with issues.

Vaunt Your Contribution

We are partnering with Vaunt during Hacktoberfest to reward contributions. Our team will have an initial review of the submitted issues, and tag it with hacktoberfest-accepted first. Then, we will have a closer look to see whether it shares the same goals or visions with ourroadmap. If it’s a yes, we will add LGTM tag to it, and congratulations you’ll get a digital badge from us! Here's a group photo of all the badges, from top to bottom and left to right, in order: Plugin Maestro, Bug Hunter, and Visionary Architect. Earn it and show them with pride.

Answer Digital Badges for 2023

Bonus: for the top 3 accepted plugins contributions, you’ll also receive a bag and stickers.

Answer Swags

Resources and FAQ

Here's the gear you need before making a contribution, and we are always here to help ;

  1. How to show my digital badges on my GitHub?

Please use the following code to show your attained swag.

<img src="{{github_username}}/achievements?format=svg&limit=3" width="350" />
  1. Why hasn't my badge appeared yet?

The vaunt data pulls took place before the two issues were created. This results in at most a 24-hour delay in when the achievement will be awarded. Achievements would have shown up automatically in the next data pull without any intervention, but Vaunt went ahead and re-ran the data pull operations on our end to trigger the achievement grants.

  1. Can I still get a badge if my issues aren't accepted?

It’s hard to say this, but it’s a No. We appreciate your participation greatly. For various reasons, your suggested enhancement might not align with our roadmap or product direction as you may think. We recommend you start with a bug. A bug is a bug, and this will increase your chances of earning a badge.