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Build Q&A Platform
with Apache Answer

A Q&A platform software for teams at any scales. Whether it’s a community forum, help center, or knowledge management platform, you can always count on Answer.
Apache Answer is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation.


Q&A Platform

Help members with questions and boost community participation. Your experts are happy to contribute, verify, upvote correct info. Your info keeping up-to-date and trusted.


Use tags to organize questions and help contents into categories. They make knowledge easy to find for others. Use the search to quickly find the answer.


Configure your community with plugins and your favorite services. So that you can improve your workflow, grow your community, or make your other tools better.


We’ve gamified the Q&A platform with reputation and badges. So the community members and teams have fun collaborating and getting work done.

Coming soon

We welcome all contributions

Here are some quick ways you can help the community.