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There are some repos in the Answer project, you can raise your issue for different repos.

AnswerAnswer core codeIssues
Answer PluginsAnswer plugins codeIssues
Answer WebsiteAnswer website codeIssues

When opening a new issue, always make sure to fill out the issue template. This step is very important! Not doing so may result in your issue not being managed in a timely fashion. Don't take this personally if this happens, and feel free to open a new issue once you've gathered all the information required by the template.

Please don't use the GitHub issue tracker for questions. Instead, you can ask your questions on Answer Meta, and we'll do our best to provide you with the answers you need.


If you find a bug, the first thing to do is to search the issues to see if someone has already reported it. If so, please add any additional information as a comment on the existing issue.

If no existing issue exists, please open a new issue and fill out the issue template completely. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that your issue will be resolved quickly. Please include the following with each issue:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • A screenshot of the problem (if applicable)
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • The version of Answer you are using
  • The deployment method you are using (e.g. Docker, binary, source)
  • The version of your browser (if the issue is frontend-related)
  • The operating system you are using (if the issue is backend-related)
  • Any other details you think are relevant

Security bugs

If you find a security bug, with that in mind, please do not file public issues. You can follow the instructions in the security policy to report it privately.

Feature requests

We appreciate your feedback and ideas. If you have a feature request, please fill out the issue template completely and search the issues to see if someone has already requested the same feature.

If we think the feature request is a good idea, we'll add it to the roadmap and set the milestone. If you want to implement it, comment on the issue, and we'll assign it to you.

Issues labels

We use labels to categorize issues.

bugIndicates an unexpected problem or unintended behavior
documentationIndicates a need for improvements or additions to documentation
duplicateIndicates similar issues, pull requests, or discussions
featureIndicates new feature requests
enhancementIndicates enhancement requests
good first issueIndicates a good issue for first-time contributors
help wantedIndicates that a maintainer wants help on an issue or pull request
invalidIndicates that an issue, pull request, or discussion is no longer relevant
questionIndicates that an issue, pull request, or discussion needs more information
wontfixIndicates that work won't continue on an issue, pull request, or discussion
securityIndicates a issue about security