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This page provides download links for the latest release of Apache Answer.

Release Source And Binary

1.3.0[Code] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512]
1.2.5[Code] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512]
1.2.1[Code] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512]
1.2.0[Code] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512][Binary] [Sign] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You can verify the integrity of the downloaded files.

Release Docker Image

Apache Answer provides a docker image for each release. You can pull the image from the Docker Hub.