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Command Line


Answer binary support some command-line options


answer command [command or global options] [arguments...]

To run answer, use:
- 'answer init' to initialize the required environment.
- 'answer run' to launch the application.
- 'answer upgrade' to upgrade the application

answer [command]

Available Commands:
build used to build answer with plugins
check checking the required environment
dump back up data
help Help about any command
init init answer application
plugin prints all plugins packed in the binary
run Run the application
upgrade upgrade Answer version

-C, --data-path string data path, eg: -C ./data/ (default "/data/")
-h, --help help for answer
-v, --version version for answer

Use "answer [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Global options

All global options can be placed at the command level.

  • --help, -h: Show help text and exit. Optional.
  • --version, -v: Show version and exit. Optional.
  • --data-path path, -C path: data saved path. Optional. (default: /data/)



init command will initialize the application required environment, contains: default config-file, data directory, initialize database etc.

  • Examples
    • answer init -C ./data/
  • Notes
    • if answer already initialized, this command will not be executed. For example, if config file is already exist so it will not be created or overwritten.
    • if answer initialized failed, run command can not be executed.


check command will check the application whether it can run or not. check the config file if exist. check the database if connection can be established etc.

  • Examples
    • answer check -C ./data/


run command will run the application.

  • Examples
    • answer run -C ./data/


upgrade command will upgrade the application.

  • Options
    • -f version: Upgrade from the specified version. Optional.
  • Examples
    • answer upgrade -C ./data/
    • answer upgrade -f v1.1.0 -C ./data/


dump command will dump the database data to sql file.

  • Options
    • --path path, -p path: dump data path. Optional. (default: ./)
  • Examples
    • answer dump -p /tmp/


build a new Answer with plugins.

  • Options
    • --with the field name of plugin. Required.
  • Examples
    • answer build --with plugin1 --with plugin2


prints all plugins packed in the binary.

  • Examples
    • answer plugin


restore some config value to default.

  • Options
    • --with the field name of config. Required.
  • Examples
    • answer config -C ./data/ --with allow_password_login